Learn more about Male Factor Infertility & Treatments this Men’s Health Month

Male factor infertility accounts for up to 50% of infertility cases. With June designated as Men’s Health Month, male infertility is a health issue that men silently face but may need to address to successfully start a family. The Fertility Center of Charleston (TFCOC) makes it an easy process for men that need to be valuated.  Men typically undergo evaluation to include a health history as well as a semen analysis. Further evaluations to include hormonal studies and urological referrals are added as needed.  Says an FCOC patient, “Coming from a male’s perspective, The Fertility Center of Charleston was very accommodating and made it so there weren’t any “awkward” moments for me.”

A special service that FCOC provides for male patients are take home semen analysis kits. A semen analysis determines the number, motility and morphology (shape) of sperm – each of which are predictors of fertility.  Naturally, sperm must travel through the female reproductive tract to reach and fertilize an egg. This requires large numbers of moving sperm that possess the ability to fertilize an egg. Male factor infertility may be the result of abnormal sperm production, abnormal sperm ejaculation, environmental factors, and/ or health issues. FCOC offers take home semen analysis kits for men to retrieve a sample in their own comfortable setting and then bring to our office for testing. These kits can be obtained at our office in Mount Pleasant and are also provided to local referring OB/GYN offices for distribution to their patients.

Once an analysis is complete, couples meet with Dr. Stephanie Singleton to discuss various treatment plans and options. Treatment options for male factor infertility range from intrauterine insemination (IUI) for mild cases to in vitro fertilization with intracytoplasmic sperm injection (IVF with ICSI) for more severe cases. Says a male patient who was treated and now has a family of three, “My wife and I could not be happier and would have traveled across seas to receive the exceptional service we received at The Fertility Center of Charleston.”

To learn more about male infertility, http://www.fertilitycharleston.com/our-services/male-fertility-evaluation/.