Affording Infertility: Costs Vary, Insurance Coverage Increases

The one question that The Fertility Center of Charleston team hears often is, “How much is it going to cost?” The team is committed to making sure that fertility treatment is possible for any couple or individual seeking help with conception. However, there is not a simple answer to cost. Dr. Stephanie Singleton explains, “Not every patient situation is the same, cost and coverage varies depending on each patient’s specific situation as well as insurance coverage.”

This is why The Fertility Center of Charleston (TFCoC) has a dedicated financial counselor to help couples through the process. Patients are often surprised by the amount of coverage they will receive from their insurance provider. Jessy Haug, TFCoC financial counselor explains, “We are seeing more and more insurances cover the testing portion of infertility treatment. After an initial consult with Dr. Singleton, we sit down with each patient and create a customized estimate depending on their insurance. They can often undergo the testing which will help determine the cause of infertility without spending thousands of dollars.”

Dr. Singleton urges patients not to let the fear of cost prevent them from scheduling a consultation. She explains, “The cost is intimidating to some. It inhibits some from coming to talk to us about their fertility issues. Don’t wait. Often, there is coverage, especially for testing. We also have medication programs that can help offset the cost of medications.” Dr. Stephanie Singleton and her team have helped patients save more than $100,000 on medication costs alone, annually. In addition, The Fertility Center of Charleston offers patients competitive, cost effective financial programs. Dr. Singleton adds, “After the initial consult, patients leave with a greater understanding of fertility issues and a plan to help them start a family.” Haug adds, “At the end of the day, it is so rewarding to see patients receive this priceless gift.”

The TFCoC team guides each patient to parenthood using the latest advanced reproductive technologies, with locations in Charleston and Savannah. To learn more,