A Father’s Perspective on The Fertility Journey

Women are often comfortable speaking about their infertility journey in hopes of encouraging others, but men tend to stay more quiet about the experience. For Father’s Day, The Fertility Center of Charleston shares a male’s perspective on infertility in hopes of encouraging and supporting other men. Josh Atkinson explains infertility through a father’s eyes, “As a man you don’t think too much in the future about children. You arrive on this doorstep with a myriad of emotions you have never considered and it’s difficult to process. In combination to that, you are also trying to be protective of your wife.”

Often men and women share the same concerns regarding embarking on a fertility journey. Josh details his fears, “Obviously that it would never work. That we couldn’t afford it. That it would take forever.” For the Atkinson family, now a party of five, this was not the case.
For a couple struggling to start a family, the first step is a consult with a reproductive endocrinologist, like Dr. Stephanie Singleton of The Fertility Center of Charleston. “Personally, I told my wife that I would let her choose our provider. It’s an intimate process for her, and I only wanted her to feel comfortable. Dr. Singleton was fantastic, and we highly recommend her all the time.” The Fertility Center of Charleston’s infertility team is comprised of a physician, nurses, nursing assistants, an embryologist, andrology technicians, counselors, receptionists, and management professionals dedicated to helping infertile couples. For Josh and his wife, Aubrey, this team was a good fit. “Our experience was fantastic. We are sincerely appreciative of all the help the office staff and Dr. Singleton provided. There were several moments where we as a couple needed to learn how to process things and TFCoC was helpful in giving us new ways to look at things. It’s a difficult process, because it involves so much of you personally and financially.”

For men, finding their place in the fertility journey can feel uncertain. Josh understands this first hand, “However, …it’s a part of the journey through fertility.” It is important to recognize the stress of infertility on a marriage. Josh was cognizant of this as he and his wife went through the journey. His advice for other men, “Understand that it’s difficult, but it’s even more difficult for your wife. Always think of her first. Be encouraging, drive into her heart and reinforce that while her body might be betraying her that she’s not broken.”

“One of the positives of our infertility experience was how much closer and deeper my marriage would grow.” And now his family has grown as well. Josh and Aubrey are proud parents of three little girls.