Infertility and the Holidays: A Leading Fertility Expert Offers Tips to Help Couples Cope

For many couples, there is only one thing on their Christmas wish list: a baby. Struggling with infertility is tough,  especially during the holidays. Dr. Stephanie Singleton of The Fertility Center of Charleston, who treats patients in SC and Georgia, compiled tips to help couples handle the holiday merriment.

  • Choose wisely. ‘Tis the season for holiday events. While some gatherings may bring you joy, others may be too painful. Advises Dr. Singleton, “ If the event is going to cause more stress or sadness, then it is best to politely decline the invite. Those close to you will understand that this year you need to decline.” Plan a lunch with the host or a couples dinner in lieu of attending the event.
  • Be Prepared. The questions and advice from prying family members and friends can be tough. Dr. Singleton explains, “It is best to have a prepared answer/statement so that you will not be caught off guard.” Also, remember an infertility journey can be a private one, and there is no obligation to share the details.
  • It’s ok to not be ok. “Often we hear from patients that holidays can be very isolating,” says Dr. Singleton. Create your own tradition with your partner or spouse that will bring you joy. Find a child free holiday event that will help you get into the spirit together.
  • Focus on the New Year. Make an initial consult. 1 in 8 couples struggle with infertility and a consult is the first step to starting a family. Write down questions for your fertility specialist for your appointment in the New Year.

At The Fertility Center of Charleston, Dr. Stephanie Singleton and her staff compassionately guide each patient to parenthood using the latest advanced reproductive technologies including IVF. The Fertility Center of Charleston has locations in Mt. Pleasant & Savannah.