Infertility in your 40’s

For couple Becca and Tim Mottley, meeting in their 40’s meant the clock was ticking on starting a family. At first, they tried naturally to conceive. But two years and miscarriages later, they decided to turn to Dr. Stephanie Singleton and The Fertility Center of Charleston for help. Becca explains, “From the day we walked in and sat down with Dr. Singleton, she was honest, straightforward and tells you exactly what you need to do.  Once you are with her, the weight is lifted off of your shoulders.”

Dr. Singleton recommended IVF for the Mottleys. In-vitro fertilization (IVF) is a method of infertility treatment in which the sperm and the egg (oocyte) are combined outside the body for fertilization to occur. A doctor then transfers the resulting embryo(s) to the uterus to develop naturally. Says Dr. Singleton, “This was the Mottley’s best chance for conceiving, and it was successful.” Becca explains, “Our 2nd IVF try we got Clara. The news was amazing.  They called us and the staff were all in the same room.  You get that news and it is the best news ever. We ended up with this precious little angel.”

Becca and Tim have advice for other couples in their 40’s that would like to start a family: Don’t wait. She explains, “It’s not shameful to get help with your fertility journey.  The end goal is to have a baby, naturally or with help from a fertility center.  You shouldn’t have to struggle years and years before you get help.” Tim continues, “The cost is a fact to consider.  You weigh out the options cost vs. value.  Value outweighs cost.”

As for sweet Clara, she is now eating foods, sitting up and getting her two bottom teeth. “She’s amazing, she’s happy.” Becca beams, “She’s the best thing that ever happened to us.”   The Fertility Center of Charleston,  Dr. Stephanie Singleton and her staff compassionately guide each patient to parenthood using the latest advanced reproductive technologies including IVF. The Fertility Center of Charleston has locations in Mt. Pleasant & Savannah.