Initial Consult First Step to Starting Family

When it comes to infertility, scheduling an initial consult can be the first step towards starting a family. Dr. Singleton of The Fertility Center of Charleston explains, “We love to see patients for an initial consultation. It gives us a chance to get to know the patient. It allows us to talk about the testing and to potentially talk about treatment.”

The Fertility Center of Charleston team is dedicated to providing highly individualized care and compassion to couples, women and men seeking fertility treatment. At the initial consult Dr. Singleton takes the time to listen to a patient’s history and experience. She conducts an ultrasound evaluation of the pelvis and ask for a semen analysis to create an evaluation and treatment plan for the couple seeking treatment. Dr. Singleton urges couples to come in sooner rather than later, instead of waiting until they’re already anxious and have exhausted all the recommendations from friends and family. “Often there are so many things we can do to help them,” she says. “Just coming in for a visit to talk about what those options are and doing the testing can be comforting to patients. At least they find out why things may not be working, and they can make educated decisions at that point.”

In addition, patients meet with the financial coordinator who evaluates insurance benefits and financial options. Says a recent patient, “The financial coordinator is great and takes her time to go over insurance coverage and any out of pocket expenses. She break down the cost of everything needed for treatment and answers any financial questions.”

Couples leave their initial consult with a better understanding of their fertility issues, the evaluations that are necessary to create a plan and the options for treatment. More importantly they leave with renewed hope and trust that The Fertility Center of Charleston can help them create a family. Says a recent patient, “From the first visit I felt so comfortable, and I was so emotional during this time because I was so afraid it wouldn’t work. The first month I tried IUI it worked and now I have beautiful twin babies! I am so grateful to Dr. Singleton and thankful that I made the decision to go to her practice.”

In addition to new patient consults, The Fertility Center of Charleston offer complimentary second opinion consults in Charleston and Savannah. The Fertility Center of Charleston and Dr. Stephanie Singleton are now accepting new patient consult appointments for 2020. This link helps detail when it is time to seek a fertility specialist. To schedule a consult, call 843-881-7400.