September is PCOS Awareness Month

One of the leading causes of infertility is PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome. While it is well known in the fertility community, a recent study shows that women that struggle with PCOS often feel a lack of social support with an often delayed diagnosis. According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, nearly half of the 1,385 women surveyed internationally saw three or more healthcare providers before they were … Read More

Our Graduates Have Fun in the Sun!

The Fertility Center of Charleston graduates know how to have fun in the sun! We love receiving your Summer photos. Serving patients throughout the Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia area, many of our families take advantage of the nearby beaches. Being a southeastern graduate is filled with endless coastal activities. From fishing with Dad to playing in the sand, Check out our graduates from Conway, Myrtle Beach, Beaufort, Hilton Head, and Sullivan’s Island areas … Read More

Summerville is Growing–with a little help from TFCoC!

Summerville, SC is booming with one of the top 10 growth rates in SC (Census Bureau). The Fertility Center of Charleston (TFCoC) is helping the area grow one baby at a time! Says one patient, “We are in Summerville. You gave us two beautiful blessings that are now 2 1/2!” Another adds, “We are a Summerville family of 3 with the most precious 3.5yr old boy who you and God made for us. Thank you.”… Read More

A Father’s Perspective on The Fertility Journey

Women are often comfortable speaking about their infertility journey in hopes of encouraging others, but men tend to stay more quiet about the experience. For Father’s Day, The Fertility Center of Charleston shares a male’s perspective on infertility in hopes of encouraging and supporting other men. Josh Atkinson explains infertility through a father’s eyes, “As a man you don’t think too much in the future about children. You arrive on this doorstep with a myriad … Read More

Nutrition During Pregnancy



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A Heartfelt Mother’s Day Letter From Renee Anthony

Mother’s Day has a whole new meaning for me today than it did just 5 years ago. For nearly 7 years, I dreaded Mother’s Day. It was a painful reminder of how my body refused to do what it was designed to do…procreate. Month after month disappointment set in as we tried to have kids. After being diagnosed with endometriosis there was an answer tied to the reason. From commercials on TV to church services … Read More

The 2018 Baby Party Festivity Highlights

Our favorite time of the year happened in April. We kicked off National Infertility Awareness Week by celebrating with our growing family of graduates. With standing room only, our 2018 Baby Party filled the practice with toddlers and babies. Infectious giggles, balloon art, delicious treats and beaming parents reminded us of why making the dream of motherhood and fatherhood possible for so many families is important work. Our Baby Party is a celebration of all … Read More

National Infertility Awareness Week, April 22-28

National Infertility Awareness Week is April 22nd-28th. This week helps bring awareness to infertility and the number of people that it affects. The Fertility Center of Charleston, Dr. Stephanie Singleton and her staff compassionately guide each patient to parenthood using the latest advanced reproductive technologies including IVF. The Fertility Center of Charleston (TFCoC) has locations in Mt. Pleasant & Savannah.

Below are some facts about TFCoC:

*Issues of male factor infertility represent approximately … Read More

Reproductive Health 101

A woman’s reproductive health is often an overlooked piece of the ever-changing healthcare puzzle. The reality is that 1 in 10 women in the US struggle with fertility. A women’s reproductive anatomy is complicated. Each healthy birth is a small miracle when you consider the numerous steps that must occur optimally during the reproductive process to result in a full-term pregnancy. From the ovaries to the fallopian tubes, medical issues with the body parts in … Read More

Feel The Love, Share The Love

It’s the month of love, and many patients are feeling the love and speaking out about their experiences with The Fertility Center of Charleston. One graduated patient recently reached out and commented, “What do I love? I love everything. From the minute we walked in the door the first time, we felt comfortable, cared about and were treated like family.”

At The Fertility Center of Charleston, our team is dedicated to providing highly individualized care … Read More