Take the First Step with This Convenient Semen Analysis Kit

The Fertility Center of Charleston (TFCoC) is happy to announce that they offer home semen analysis kits for patients in both Charleston and Savannah. These kits afford male patients the opportunity to produce a semen sample in the comfort of their home. States Dr. Stephanie Singleton, “Male factor infertility is present in approximately 30-50% of infertility cases, so it’s incredibly important that the male partner undergo evaluations as well as the female partner,” explains Dr. … Read More

Infertility and the Holidays: A Leading Fertility Expert Offers Tips to Help Couples Cope

For many couples, there is only one thing on their Christmas wish list: a baby. Struggling with infertility is tough,  especially during the holidays. Dr. Stephanie Singleton of The Fertility Center of Charleston, who treats patients in SC and Georgia, compiled tips to help couples handle the holiday merriment.

  • Choose wisely. ‘Tis the season for holiday events. While some gatherings may bring you joy, others may be too painful. Advises Dr. Singleton, “ If the
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The Fertility Center of Charleston Helps Savannah Patients Start a Family

The Fertility Center of Charleston’s team is dedicated to providing highly individualized care and compassion to couples, women and men seeking fertility treatment in both South Carolina and Georgia. At the first visit in Savannah, Dr. Stephanie Singleton takes the time to listen to each patient’s history and experience. Savannah resident Adrienne Cronberger, now a graduated patient, describes her experience in the Georgia location: “Immediately during our first consultation, we felt a warmth and welcome … Read More

Don’t Be Scared of The Cost of Infertility

The idea of infertility can be daunting, and often the first question asked is “How much will it cost?” Many believe fertility treatments will break the bank, but that is not the case. In fact, many patients are surprised that the cost is much less than anticipated. The Fertility Center of Charleston (TFCOC) offers many cost savings programs for their patients, and Dr. Stephanie Singleton and her team have helped patients save more than $100,000 … Read More

IUI is Less Invasive, Less Expensive Option for Some Fertility Patients

In vitro fertilization is usually the first procedure people think of when they hear the term “infertility.” However, in vitro fertilization is not the only option for couples struggling to conceive, nor is it the first step in many treatment plans. Often ovulation induction and Intrauterine insemination (OI / IUI) is utilized by reproductive endocrinologists. Explains Dr. Stephanie Singleton of The Fertility Center of Charleston (TFCOC), “Ovulation induction is the stimulation of the ovaries to … Read More

A Woman’s Caring Approach to Infertility Care Makes a Difference

The first step to infertility is scheduling an initial consult, which can be intimidating. How do you know your fertility specialist will be a good fit? Tamara Sweatman, who struggled to start a family, was faced with this tough decision. She states, “We were at the point of giving up. Then we went to Dr. Singleton and The Fertility Center of Charleston.” There are many factors to consider when choosing a reproductive endocrinologist, including board … Read More

Programs to Help Active Military and Veterans Afford Fertility Services

“We are proud to be a part of helping the men and women of our military who may be experiencing financial barriers to fertility treatment”

-Stephanie D. Singleton, MD, FACOG


We are proud to help all the families in service to our country realize their dreams of parenthood.

  • Affordable programs for military and veteran families.
  • Convenient Charleston and Savannah locations.
  • Consultations and care occur with Dr. Stephanie Singleton.
  • Free fertility medication for eligible veterans
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Learn more about Male Factor Infertility & Treatments this Men’s Health Month

Male factor infertility accounts for up to 50% of infertility cases. With June designated as Men’s Health Month, male infertility is a health issue that men silently face but may need to address to successfully start a family. The Fertility Center of Charleston (TFCOC) makes it an easy process for men that need to be valuated.  Men typically undergo evaluation to include a health history as well as a semen analysis. Further evaluations to include … Read More

The 2017 Baby Party Festivity Highlights

Our favorite time of the year happened in April with the celebration of The Fertility Center of Charleston babies. At the 2017 Baby Party, toddlers and babies filled our practice with infectious giggles, balloon art, delicious treats and beaming parents. With each shared journey to parenthood we were reminded of why making the dream of motherhood and fatherhood possible for so many families is important work. Our Baby Party is a celebration of all the … Read More

Listen Up! It’s National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW)

Listen up! It’s National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW), a week to highlight infertility, the causes and treatments available. According to Resolve, the National Infertility Association, 1 in 8 couples will experience infertility. The goal of NIAW–Listen up! (April 23-29) is to bring this statistic to the forefront so couples struggling can realize that they are not alone in their infertility journey. The Fertility Center of Charleston and Dr. Stephanie Singleton support this initiative through … Read More