National Infertility Awareness Week April 23rd-29th

The Fertility Center of Charleston recognizes National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) with daily features. Follow us on Facebook to learn more about National Infertility Awareness Week.


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Looking at Infertility By the Numbers

Dr. Stephanie Singleton works daily to help those struggling with infertility to start a family at The Fertility Center of Charleston. Patients often have a lot of questions surrounding infertility, especially those that come in for an initial consult. She answers those questions and breaks down key components as she offers a look infertility by the numbers.


Age is a primary factor discussed in a fertility consult. Says Dr. Singleton, “Age is the most … Read More

Fertility Health: The Top Five Infertility Causes

A new year marks a time of self-evaluation and preparedness. A raised awareness of health and wellness occurs. With 1 in 6 couples diagnosed with infertility, the time is now to work to change how we educate and manage fertility health.

For patients disappointed by infertility, this is a good time to evaluate an infertility diagnosis more closely and provide information on natural options for healing and restoring healthy fertility. A good understanding of the … Read More

Tips on Surviving Infertility During the Holidays

tips for surviving holiday

‘Tis the season for holiday parties, family time and probing questions! Infertility can take the joy out of the holiday season for many that are struggling to start a family. One in eight couples face infertility and will need to seek help to conceive. Dr. Stephanie Singleton of The Fertility Center of Charleston is a well known and respected reproductive endocrinologist and treats patients across SC and Georgia. She offers tips on how to survive … Read More

A Holiday Message From The Fertility Center of Charleston

Dear mothers and fathers to be,

This holiday season it is the women and men open to the possibilities that fertility technologies and treatments provide that fill us with joy. We love your spirit and your commitment to all we can do together in this journey to parenthood. You are a gift that we are thankful for daily at The Fertility Center of Charleston. Hailing from all over the Southeast, our patients are unified by … Read More

Five Fertility Advancements For Which We Are Thankful

The inability to have a child affects 1 in 9 women in the USA. The advancements in assisted reproductive technologies over the past decade have opened the door to parenthood for countless recipients. Here are a few of the latest advances for which we are grateful.

1. IVF Success Rates Improve: Optimizing IVF
In 1978, we welcomed the first IVF baby into the world. Today, millions of babies have been born through IVF.  IVF is … Read More

Clinical Update

Fertility Preservation


Infertility Talking Points For Your Patients Undergoing Cancer Treatments.


Points of Discussion

Infertility Risk
Cancer and cancer treatments vary in their likelihood of causing infertility. Individual factors such as disease, age, treatment type and dosages, and pretreatment fertility should be considered in counseling patients about the likelihood of infertility.

Methods of Treatment
The methods of fertility preservation with the highest likelihood of success are sperm cryopreservation for males and egg or embryo Read More

ASRM Bulletin – Congress Passes Appropriations Bill

VICTORY! – Congress Passes Appropriations Bill that Includes Measure to Allow the VA to Provide IVF Services to Injured Veterans!


Both the House and Senate have now finally passed, and sent to President Obama for his expected signature, HR 5325, a bill which funds the government for the start of Fiscal Year 2017. The bill contains two provisions of particular importance to ASRM members.

First, it contains authorization for the Veterans Administration to provide … Read More

Infertility options can open the door to parenthood

Many women feel very alone in their struggles with infertility. In reality, the statistics on the number of women experiencing challenges with conception and full term pregnancy are rising. Key Statistics from the National Survey of Family Growth (2010) found an estimated 7 million women with infertility challenges between the ages of 15-44. This figure represents 11 percent of the population. The good news is that the treatments for infertility have kept pace as well. … Read More

Welcome Southeastern Fertility Center Patients

Welcome_Pineapple750Dr. Stephanie Singleton and The Fertility Center of Charleston are honored to accept as new patients in the practice any of Dr. Patton’s current patients.  We look forward to meeting each of you and helping you realize your dreams of starting a family. Please call us to schedule a consult or appointment.  To learn more about The Fertility Center of Charleston, visit the In Her Words page on our website.   Welcome to our fertility family! … Read More