Dr. Singleton Discusses Endometriosis with WCBD

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Dr. Singleton discusses egg freezing with WTOC in Savannah

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The Fertility Center of Charleston Hosting Free Patient Seminar in Savannah

Feb. 10, 2014 – SAVANNAH, Ga. — Is getting pregnant taking longer than expected? Infertility is an issue that many Savannah couples face. Whether the fertility problems are unexplained, due to male factor infertility or a specific issue with the woman, choosing to undergo fertility treatment can be a difficult decision. The good news is that there is a new option for fertility care in Savannah.

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Dr. Stephanie Singleton Discusses Egg Freezing with WTOC in Savannah

Dec. 11, 2013 – SAVANNAH, Ga. — Dr. Stephanie Singleton of The Fertility Center of Charleston was recently asked to appear on WTOC in Savannah. She shared her expertise on egg freezing.

The Fertility Center of Charleston’s lab offers offer egg freezing, a process that allows women to take control of their reproductive freedom by storing healthy unfertilized eggs until a time in the future when they are ready to begin a family. Our embryologist, … Read More

The Patch Celebrates The New Fertility Center of Charleston in Mt. Pleasant

The region’s only female reproductive endocrinologist has opened a new fertility center in Mount Pleasant.

Stephanie Singleton, M.D. announces the opening of The Fertility Center of Charleston. The center is located at 1280 Hospital Drive, Suite 300 near East Cooper Medical Center.

Dr. Singleton is excited about the opening. She has been caring for patients in the Charleston area since May 2012, so her name may already be familiar.

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Mt. Pleasant Facility Open House

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The Fertility Center of Charleston Opens New State of the Art Facility

The Fertility Center of Charleston has opened a new state of the art facility in Mt. Pleasant. Dr. Stephanie Singleton states, “We are excited to provide our patients a state of the art facility complete with a full service laboratory and surgical suite as we continue to provide compassionate care and a nurturing environment for our patients.” The Fertility Center of Charleston’s new location also has in-house fluoroscopy (HSG) capabilities.

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Struggling to Conceive?

The Fertility Center of Charleston Highlights Common Infertility Cause: PCOS

For many couples, starting a family can be a struggle. Fertility issues affect millions and one of the most common causes of infertility is PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome.

September is designated as National PCOS Awareness Month as PCOS affects more than 5 million women. PCOS occurs when women have hormonal imbalances coupled with insulin resistance that results in irregular periods and lack of ovulation. … Read More

Most Common Fertility Myths Addressed

Statistics show that one in eight couples will struggle with infertility. With more than 7.3 million in the US seeking fertility treatment, it is important for couples to be properly educated on infertility causes and treatment options available. Dr. Stephanie Singleton of The Fertility Center of Charleston has highlighted some of the most common fertility myths.

Myth #1

Infertility is a Woman’s Issue
This is one of the biggest myths, … Read More

Dr. Singleton Appears on Lowcountry Live

On July 15th, Dr. Stephanie Singleton appeared on Lowcountry Live as East Cooper’s male infertility expert as part of their series, Medical Mondays.

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