Mother’s Day Letter: A Graduated Patient Shares Her Journey

Anita Shaw plans to spend this Mother’s Day with her children including a brand new baby girl. But not along ago, this was a holiday filled with frustration. Shaw had a son, but when it was time to expand her family, she and her husband could not conceive. Anita’s infertility journey inspired her to write a book about the experience: Why I Wait: My Journey Through Infertility. She explains, “I had no idea that infertility was as common as it is. It was mind boggling to me. The more I told people about my treatment and problem, the more I discovered other people were going through the same thing. The goal was to help people be more informed about their choices.”

Shaw chose Dr. Stephanie Singleton and The Fertility Center of Charleston to help her expand her family. She explains, “I did my research on the specialists in the Charleston area and Dr. Singleton was the best. She was great at explaining the process, the possibilities.” Shaw suffered from unexplained infertility. She and her husband were successful conceiving twice with IUI. Dr. Singleton explains, “Intrauterine insemination, (IUI), frequently referred to as artificial insemination, is a procedure in which sperm are placed directly into the uterine cavity through a catheter near the time of ovulation.”

Infertility is often described as a lonely journey, but Shaw said finding the right team can make all of the difference. When referring to Dr. Singleton, she says, “She is the Best! Out of any physician I have been to in my life, she is the best. She wants to know about your feelings and wants to be in touch with your emotions.” In her book, Shaw describes the emotions when she found out she was pregnant with her now 3-year-old daughter, “Getting the call from Dr. Singleton that I had conceived was overwhelming. I was elated.”

This Mother’s Day, Shaw offers hope for those trying to start or expand a family, “Going to the The Fertility Center of Charleston and Dr. Stephanie Singleton turned out to be the best decision we made for our family. Do it now. Do not give up.”