National Infertility Awareness Week is April 21st-27th

National Infertility Awareness Week is April 21st-27th. This week helps bring awareness to infertility and the number of people that it affects. Anyone can be challenged to have a family. No matter what race, religion, sexuality or economic status you are, infertility doesn’t discriminate.

With locations in Mt. Pleasant & Savannah, The Fertility Center of Charleston (TFCoC), Dr. Stephanie Singleton and her staff compassionately guide each patient to parenthood using the latest advanced reproductive technologies including IVF. Here are some TFCoC facts and testimonials from patients.

*Issues of male factor infertility represent approximately 30-50% of infertility cases. TFCoC provides take home Semen Analysis Kits for male patients. These kits are available at local OB/GYN offices in Savannah and Charleston for a patient’s convenience. Says a male patient, “Coming from a male’s perspective, The Fertility Center of Charleston was very accommodating and made it so there weren’t any “awkward” moments for me. We could not be happier and would have traveled across seas to receive the exceptional service we received.”

*TFCoC is Savannah’s top choice for fertility care with expanded hours and services including weekly new patient appointments, convenient semen analysis and onsite monitoring visits. A Savannah patient encourages others to schedule with TFCoC stating, “The Fertility Center of Charleston made our dreams come true.”

*TFCoC offers patients competitive, cost effective financial programs and are committed to seeking out affordable opportunities to help couples and individuals with conception. One couple advises not to let finances stand in the way of scheduling an appointment. A Summerville graduate and mom of two states, “I was scared about price. It was not overwhelming, and we did it at our own pace. It was affordable.”

*TFCoC is often the first choice for military families. TFCoC is proud to accept Tricare and help all the families in service to our country realize their dreams of parenthood. One military patient says, “It’s a hard process, and it can be so discouraging at times. For us, in vitro fertilization just seemed out of reach for so long, but we didn’t give up. We kept our eye on the goal, did our best to be patient, and now our miracle girl is on her way, thanks to Dr. Singleton!”

*“I would recommend The Fertility Center of Charleston and Dr. Singleton to everyone.” TFCoC often shares the testimonials from patients to help those struggling with infertility. These can be found on Facebook as well as

*TFCoC believes in Fertility for Everyone. We understand that families come in many different forms and are here to help patients understand their options and provide them with all of the resources needed to start a family. Says a Savannah same sex couple, “ We had two good friends who had met with Dr. Stephanie Singleton of The Fertility Center of Charleston in Savannah and spoke so highly of her and the staff. We met with another physician in Savannah, but felt more at home with Dr. Singleton.”

Dr. Stephanie Singleton, FACOG is board certified in both reproductive endocrinology and infertility and in obstetrics and gynecology. She specializes in invitro fertilization therapy, polycystic ovarian syndrome, amenorrhea, and male factor infertility. The Fertility Center of Charleston has locations in Mt. Pleasant & Savannah.