At The Fertility Center of Charleston, our team is dedicated to providing highly individualized care and compassion to couples, women and men seeking fertility treatment. At your first visit, Dr. Singleton will take time to listen to your history and experience. She will conduct an ultrasound evaluation of the pelvis and ask for a semen analysis to create an evaluation and treatment plan based upon your unique situation. After meeting with Dr. Singleton, you will speak with your nurse who will guide you through the process of evaluation and treatment.

Finally, you will meet with the financial coordinator who will evaluate your insurance benefits and financial options. As you complete your first visit with us, we hope that you will leave with a greater understanding of your issues of infertility, the evaluations that are necessary to create a plan and the options for your treatment. Most of all, we hope you leave with renewed hope and trust that we can help you to create a family.

When to Seek a Fertility Specialist

Infertility is a symptom, not a diagnosis. Women and men find the root cause of infertility in a fertility evaluation. There are many causes of infertility that a timely evaluation help pinpoint. Fertility treatment options are effective and vary based on the individual. However, advancing maternal age greatly diminishes the effectiveness of all available treatment options. A fertility evaluation is critical to providing good information for the selection of optimal therapy.
Guidelines to determine when to seek fertility care.