Donor Egg Program

The Fertility Center of Charleston is the only fertility center in the Lowcountry affiliated with My Egg Bank North America. This affiliation allows our patients to take advantage of the exceptional pregnancy rates as well as the ease and convenience of using cryopreserved donor oocytes while being treated by Dr. Stephanie Singleton and The Fertility Center of Charleston. All inquiries must be made directly to My Egg Bank North America.

Success rates are exceptional! 60% pregnancy rates. My Egg Bank has established success rates equal to or better than traditional egg donation.

Easier process and less expensive! The clinical treatment strategy using cryopreserved donor eggs is more efficient than traditional fresh egg donation and typically costs approximately half as much.

Quicker than traditional use of fresh donor eggs! Treatment can begin immediately with no extended delay waiting for a donor match or for donor / recipient synchronization.

Greater choices! Recipients have more choices as there is a greater number and variety of donors available. Donors are from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds, many college educated or pursuing a degree. Donors are only accepted if they pass rigorous screening for medical, genetic, and psychological issues.

Recipients have more control! The worry regarding donor responsibility is eliminated. Recipients don’t have to worry if the donors will take their medications or be cancelled. The donors have completed their cycles and quality eggs have been cryopreserved.

The use of cryopreserved donor oocytes gives women with diminishing ovarian reserve exceptional chances to achieve a healthy pregnancy and a successful live birth.