In Her Words: Graduated Patient Offers Advice for Others

When it comes to infertility, scheduling an initial consult can be the first step towards starting a family. Dr. Singleton of The Fertility Center of Charleston explains, “We love to see patients for an initial consultation. It gives us a chance to get to know the patient. It allows us to talk about the testing and to potentially talk about treatment.” Lynn quickly found that she had a lower than normal follicle count and her husband’s sperm count was on the lower side. As a result, her treatment plan included IUI. Explains Dr. Singleton, “Intrauterine insemination, (IUI), frequently referred to as artificial insemination, is a procedure in which sperm are placed directly into the uterine cavity through a catheter near the time of ovulation.”

It was after this procedure that the Strickland’s received a phone call they will never forget. She states, “Dr. Singleton called me with all of her staff in the room.  They congratulated me and told me it was successful and we were expecting a baby.  It felt great.  They were all so excited for us.”

This Savannah patient says the team now feels like family and has advice for others who are struggling with what could be infertility. She says, “If you are questioning any ideas you may have when it comes to a fertility problem,  reach out to Dr. Singleton and her staff. The office was warm and welcoming and always got back to us when we had questions.  We had done the apps and the at home ovulation kits before meeting her, but we became pregnant thanks to The Fertility Center of Charleston.”

Due in the beginning of August, Lynn is looking forward to her gender reveal party!

Graduated Patient’s Quick Advice:

*Do your research
*Don’t wait
*Schedule an initial consult with Dr. Singleton 

The Fertility Center of Charleston has locations in Mt. Pleasant & Savannah. To schedule an initial consult with Dr. Stephanie Singleton, call 843-881-7400 or online at . If you are grad, please consider leaving reviews for Dr. Singleton and her team as well!